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Faith and religion

Spiritual support and pastoral care in times of need

Chaplains from 11 different faith communities have been appointed to provide spiritual guidance and leadership to staff and students through our Multifaith Chaplaincy Centre.

Professional chaplains contribute to a campus culture of mutual respect, encouragement and self-esteem by enabling students and staff to engage with questions of life and faith.


Based in the Multifaith Chaplaincy Centre, chaplain roles vary according to the tradition of each religious body. Chaplains can help individuals work through spiritual concerns; provide advice, counselling or advocacy; and create opportunities for people of the same faith to connect across faculty and cultural barriers.

While they play an important role in our community, chaplains are not direct employees of the University and are not formally affiliated with religious clubs or organisations on campus.


You can reach out to a chaplain and make an appointment via our student website. They are available to staff, students (current and previous) and their families.


The Multifaith Chaplaincy Centre also facilitates prayer on campus. Please visit our student website to find out more about prayer facilities and activities. 


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